Could FOTO offer OEM service to customers?

The answer is it depends on which kind of products the customer wants for OEM Service. For different kinds of our products, we have different ways:


a.Porcelain Polished Tile

  1). Soluble Salt Tile: We can offer OEM for any soluble salt tiles the customer want, the customer only     

         need to offer a sample or design of the tile and with a certain quantity.

  2). Double Loading Tiles: For double loading tiles have more complicated producing process, we do

        not offer OEM for double loading porcelain polished tiles.


b. glazed porcelain tiles For Glazed Polished Tiles, no matter it is screening printing or digital printing, we can offer OEM service to our customers. We need sample from the customer and then we will arrange the D/A department to test and give the cost. If the customer accept the testing sample and cost, we can produce.


c. Micro Crystal Tile

  Same process with Glazed Polished Tile


d. Glazed Rustic Tile

  Same process with Glazed Polished Tile


e. Wall Tile Same

   process with Glazed Polished Tile