View of Factory

Here are some of our factory photo to let you know more about us.  Our FOTO provides different series of porcelain floor tiles with various designs. Pls contact us as we will try our best to comply with your requirements.


  •  The Sewage Circulation System is a very environmental friendly way to safe water resource, the used water will be stocked in the pool for precipitating, then the water will be led back for reusing and the precipitated substance will be sold.

  • Well grinded raw materials is the first process of tiles prodcution. With best quality bricks inlayed on the inner surface and aluminun grinding balls, the well selected raw materials are completely grinded and mixed with additives.
  • With the famous brand, Keda Polishing Machine, the first choice grade rate is higher, after the calibrating, polishing, waxing with NANO technology, the best quality products show up finally.
  •  The 7200Ton Pressing Machine has very stable pressing power, which is the most basic process of tile production. With modern structure design, simple control system, well balance of power and speed, the tile bodies are more stable than regular standard.
  •   The 300m roller klin has the advantages as: lower energy consumption rate, smaller temperature difference between cross-sections, more accurate self-control system, higher combustion rate and so on. Longer klin with stable temperature will make perfect tile bodies for following process.
  • The 3D Digital Printing Device applies the latest "reveal imaging" technology, computer controls the image revealing for getting the most original color. Different from the contact pressure printing, this device does not touch the tile surface. It can print convex surface and skew surface without omission. Randomly printing makes every tile different from another, more vivid as real natural stones.